January 25, 2012

Introducing Ruthanne with an E.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the sweet Ruthanne of "Ruthanne with an E". She is a pretty sweet 16 year old who writes about her passion for Christ, love for vintage, shares some of her music, and lots of fun pics along the way.

...you can find her blog here.

Today you get to find out a little more about her...

Introducing Ruthanne with an E.

What made you start a blog?

I think it definitely was a long time coming. I've never been the journal writing type, or much of a writer, for that matter. but then I reached a point where no one I knew shared any of the same interests - other than music - and I wanted to talk about them with someone. Enter: Ruthanne with an E. I created my blog not with the intention of gaining a following, but with the intention of sharing my thoughts, hobbies, and opinion on things. I wanted it to be my corner, and I wanted people, if they stumbled upon it, to enjoy what I wrote or shared.

I saw you posted the first video of you singing one of your songs, gorgeous voice by the way, who are some of the artists that inspire you?

Thank you so very much! I've definitely been inspired by a lot of people. Adele is one of them. She's very real, raw, and not afraid to be out there. She plays the piano, too, which was an obvious plus. John Mayer has also inspired me - not him as a person, at all, but his ability to write such fantastic lyrics - they are such a big part of a song - and need to be great for the song to truly be great, and I love artists who write their own songs. Yet another reason I love Adele, as well. There are others, but those are two of the more prominent inspirations behind my music.

Introducing Ruthanne with an E.

I know you have a love of all things vintage, what is your favorite vintage thing that you own or want to own?

Oh, definitely my vintage pyrex collection!! I absolutely adore using it in the kitchen, makes making anything happier, in my opinion - but I also love getting new pieces and wondering how many thanksgivings they attended - or birthday dinners. How many times it had almost been broken. Sounds absolutely strange, I know! I also love that it's a useful collection, too though. I know I will most definitely use all of the pieces in my house some day, and that alone makes me happy!

...ok friends, you know the drill, go show Ruthanne some love! 
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  1. Oh yay! this makes me so happy! :) thank you, dear! :)


  2. Jealous of the pyrex collection! I'll be following you Ruthanne!


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