January 27, 2012


Happy Friday!! I'm in shock that the weeks are still flying by. I honestly thought they would slow down a little after the new year (silly me), and yet here we are almost to February!

Speaking of the wonderful month of love, I just realized today that Dave and I's birthdays are both less than two weeks away (mine is the 6th and his is the 9th)...so I hope you've already picked out what to get us ;) I kid, I kid.

Birthday // Home is with You

But seriously, I'm having a hard time trying to top one of my surprises for Dave last year. I did a card shower and had family and friends (including twitter and facebook people) send him cards/pictures...it was such a fun surprise and he had no idea! But if any of you have ideas like this or for inexpensive gifts (I have some ideas in mind, but I always love hearing what you all come up with) let me know.

Birthday // Home is with You

Email me at homeiswithyoublog (at) gmail (dot) com with gift ideas
instead of commenting because he will read them- 
Dave likes to find stuff like that out while I love surprises :)

*Also if anyone knows where I can get a "special plate" like the one pictured above let me know! Last year I was able to borrow the one my Mom always used for our family, but since we're in Texas now I need one of my own :)


  1. You might check etsy for a "Special Plate"! :)

  2. what a COOL idea!!! If my hubby was into social media, I would use that idea haha. I will think of some though . I have a "dress me up plate" that is so much fun for the holidays!

  3. I like the idea of the special plate too. :)

  4. Happy early birthdays to you both!


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