August 30, 2012

August Sponsor Intro!

I'm very excited to introduce to you these two lovely ladies today! One is a fabulous Storenvy shop owner with the some gorgeous statement pieces, the other is a woman on a mission to lose weight who has done an amazing job so far. Make sure to check them out!

Fashionista Bazaar Intro // Home is with You

Hi! I'm Luciana and I own Fashionista Bazaar. A jewelry and accessories online shop. Our pieces are made exclusively in Brazil!

Fashionista Bazaar started about a year ago, I used to do consignment parties when I took trips down to Brazil and called them "Fashionista Bazaar". On my last trip there, I met this amazing jewelry designer and fell in love with her pieces and I wanted to bring some pieces back with me. I knew right there and then that I wanted to turn Fashionista Bazaar into a legitimate business and turned it into an online store.

I've always wanted to be independent and run my own business. It does take a lot of hard work, though. But the reward and appreciation make it all worthwhile. Making my customers happy is my number one priority. The wonderful thing about owning a small business is the fact that you can get to know your customers and make sure that each one of them gets the customer service and attention they deserve.

Girl On a Mission // Home is with You
Girl on a Mission

My blog is my straight-forward, honest documentation of my weight loss trials and tribulations. The ups and downs [in lbs, waist size, motivation and attitude]. Things may get a little inappropriate or may be light and fluffy (no pun intended). I throw in a bit of life and my personality. But this is me and this is my way of keeping this journey going. I am unique because I am honest and just being me.

If you're interested in being a sponsor for September I have spots available here!

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