August 27, 2012

New Winners!

Ok, here's the deal. I think we are all sick of the heat and busy out of our minds this time of year and it's leaving us with not much energy to surf the internet. I get it, I really do. But people, claim your prizes! I said earlier today that it was the last day for the previous winners and I still didn't receive any emails, so without further ado, here are the two new lucky ladies...

Winners // Home is with You

I'm ready to curl up like Libbie with Fall temps outside and a good book inside. 
Mother nature isn't listening though, pretty sure it was hotter today. Blech. 
PS~ Hope you're not sick of chihuahua pics, 
because there is a lot more of that cuteness coming at you tomorrow.

Blogger Design Package~ Brooke Houston

Teilla Necklace~ Ameryn

Email me please ladies! Don't make me pick another winner, although I'm sure if you're not one of these two you're hoping I'll have to. :)


  1. I didn't know your puppy's name is Libbie :) I like it ;)

  2. Sweet! I feel sorry for the other girls, but only kinda. ;)
    emailing you now!


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