August 23, 2012

Funk city...

This is how I've been feeling since we got back from our trip...

Funk City // Home is with You
My Mom and Step-Dad's adorable chihuahua (more fun pics of her to come).

Tired, out of it, and in a funk. We had such an amazing trip packed full of precious moments with our family and friends, but our schedule while we were there was all over the place (sleep wise). The drive back was just the cherry on top. We left at 10pm Monday night and got to Austin about 7am and slept until about 1pm Tuesday afternoon. We've been thrown off ever since. I don't even know what day it is!

How is everyone else doing this week? Anyone else a little out of it? Hope you all have been having a great one!


  1. UGH! the last trip to louisiana we left at like 8pm and got to baton rouge in about 8 hours and i'm telling you we put everyone off and all the visiting until we slept! hahaha it's ALMOST not worth it right!? glad yall had such a fun time and Oh my goodness that little pup is so cute! miss you girl! can't wait to see you on saturday!!!! xoxo

  2. I know that feeling...hope you get back in your groove! :)

  3. I know that feeling...hope you get back in your groove! :)

  4. I've been in a funk myself lately and always wanting to be indoors rather than in my kitchen. Love the pic of your mom's dog!


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