November 6, 2012

From Where I Stand...


From where I stand...

...I am a gluton for punishment, 
no matter how many times I go into these wooded areas 
with shorts on and come out with an allergic rash...
I just keep doing it!

...this is one of my favorite pictures to date.

...this past weekend was a wonderful time with friends,
but it made me even more sad about leaving them.

...the weather in North Carolina is in the 50's and 60's
and that sounds SO nice right now!

...the leftover Halloween candy and I have been having a stare-off...
and it's winning.
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  1. I Still cant believe you are moving Mal!!

  2. The leftover halloween candy has gotten the best of me! and i looove this weather!

  3. You sound like me! Allergic reactions to everything. Thinking so much about you as you get ready for your new journey!

  4. the weather this weekend will be near 70 in NC, but today it was in the 30's. the weather fluctuates like crazy around here this time of year.


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