November 28, 2012

Taking time.

Taking Time: Home is with You

It's so important to make sure we take time for ourselves, if anything just to breathe for a minute. As we get older it can be harder to "find the time", especially as women, but it can be huge in other areas of our lives.

If we don't take the time we need to do things like go on a walk, read a good book, sip on a cup of tea, etc; we can find ourselves slowly burning out...and then we're no good for anyone. I know a lot of you have big crazy dreams like we do and that those dreams take a lot of hard work and dedication, but I can promise that you won't get anywhere without a few timeouts to reflect and recuperate.

So, what's your favorite way to unwind and take a moment to refresh? Mine are taking a long hot bath, reading a good book, taking a quiet walk alone in the woods, or watching silly reality shows (Real Housewives anyone?) that make me laugh.


  1. love this. its so true.
    blogging is my time for me
    and bubble baths
    and just the walk home from campus alone with my thoughts.

  2. I've learned how important this is lately!
    I actually wrote about this lately, how I have started making time to do things for ME recently and how happy those little things are making me- pottery painting studio, hot yoga classes, cooking, and working out in general.
    It makes a big difference in happiness, especially with all the stress outside of those things!

  3. getting to a yoga class, reading a good book, drinking tea... all help me unwind and feel better x

  4. This is so true!

    To unwind I like reading a good book, watching episodes of CSI (cheesy I know) and taking a zumba class (energetic but so so much fun)


  5. Amen!! I totally burned myself out this weekend. But this morning, I'm slowly recuperating with my coffee and catching up with my favorite bloggers. :)

  6. this is something I have been working on a lot lately myself as well! it can be hard to remember WE need time to be able to keep up with the hustle and bustle!


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