November 5, 2012

Won't you come out to play?

Home is with You

I love the outdoors. Something about being out in nature when no one else is around is so peaceful to me. I feed off of the energy in the stillness and the breeze.

I love that part of my job requires me to find gorgeous locations like this and really soak them in. It's really forced me to step away from the computer and out of the house. I didn't even realize this was something I needed more of until it was a necessity.

Today I get to take pictures of a little 4 year old cutie. God is good...


  1. There's nothing nicer than a moment to yourself in beautiful surroundings! I love going to summer spots like the beach or the board walk in the fall when they are completely deserted - perfect! Enjoy your day!

  2. I agree... there's just nothing like being out in nature and enjoying the silence. Enjoy your photo shoot!

  3. As much as I love being at a home, there's nothing like going out and being around nature! Especially if involves taking pictures of cute little ones ;-)


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