November 30, 2012

I love...

love this man: Home is with You 

Last night while I was out running errands I got a text asking me out for date night tomorrow night....

I just love this man.

Pretty sure we're going to see the new Twilight movie (YES!), don't judge. I can't wait. 

After tonight it'll be all packing and editing, but tonight we're going to enjoy date night. What are you up to this weekend?


  1. arent you two just the sweetest.. :P this weekend will find me crocheting and cleaning.. The moms is coming into town for a visit on sunday.. thats about it.. Kev is working all weekend BOOO :P

  2. Enjoy your date night!

    My weekend includes cleaning and decorating!!!

  3. nothing wrong with twilight! i saw it with one of my best friends then i drug my husband to go see it. he actually enjoyed it (well, mostly the fight scene but that still counts haha).

  4. YAY for date nights! We've been wanting to see the James Bond movie!Hopefully we'll get to do that this weekend :)

  5. I have yet to see any of the twilight movies. I have heard they are pretty good and I'm sure I would prefer those to Lord of the Rings! The hubby and I bought tickets, then walked out of the theater about 20 min into it. This was when we were dating. I think that's the moment I fell in love with him! Hahaha My brother and dad are HUGE fans and I never really got into it!

  6. Have fun on your date night!
    I'm going to try to get the hubs to go get a Christmas tree!

  7. Best date night ever!! You two are so cute!!


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