February 10, 2012

Friday song...

Happy Friday!!! Dave and I are spending the day preparing for his first show here in Austin. He's off for a run while I do some yoga (wishing I was running, but trying to take it easy since I've been sick), sending out some albums and headbands, and enjoying our Friday :)

I'll leave you with one of my favorite Friday songs, because you just can't listen to this song and not smile...

PS~ Get 14% off in the shop with the code "Valentine"...Happy Friday ♥


  1. That song just put me in the perfect mood. I posted some of my favorite Friday songs too!

  2. I love the weepies! World spins madly on is my favorite :)

  3. what a great song!


  4. I adore them :)

    hope you and Dave have fun at his performance!

  5. I sadly thought of Rebecca Black when I saw the title. Thank goodness this song is much much better! Thanks for sharing. :)


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