February 23, 2012

A little fishy...

Since the weather has been so nice here I've been trying to get back into a running routine (since I don't do treadmills). Because of this I've been trying to watch my protein intake and make sure I'm getting enough (since I don't eat meat- only fish, and usually not very much). I drink hemp protein shakes after really long runs, but sometimes that's not enough...

So this week I've been trying to get more creative so I don't get bored with eating fish...all of these were toasted in the toaster oven, so simple!

Fish Recipes // Home is with You

First I was only using tuna. Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw the delicious tuna wrap I made, with tuna, mayo (we use the reduced fat kind with olive oil), mustard, celery, and tomato...mmm.

The next day for lunch I made this tuna sandwhich- Albacore tuna mixed with mayo and mustard, lettuce, and whole wheat bread. All with a tiny bit of garlic salt and lemon pepper sprinkled on top. It was so good!

Fish Recipes // Home is with You

Then, the other day at the store I decided to give the salmon in the packages another look (it has always kind of weirded me out). I saw that one packet has only 90 calories and 17g of protein! So I bought a couple of packs to give it a try and it was totally worth it.

I've had this little concoction the past two days for breakfast. One of the new "everything bagel thins", light cream cheese, and salmon. Perfection.

**Side note- make sure when buying fish that you get the kind that is "wild caught", it's much better for you and the environment...to learn more go here.

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  1. I love salmon mixed with cream cheese! Its so yummy!

  2. I'm just gonna say it...I hate tuna! I wish I liked it because its so healthy for you (and easy to just open up a pouch on the run!)

  3. I might have to try the salmon...tuna makes me cringe.

    It looks delicious though!

  4. Fact - I've never tried tuna fish (like from the can or pouch), but I need to before my 24th birthday -- it's on the list. Maybe I'll like it if I try it the way that you made these tasty meals!


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