July 22, 2012

Our week according to Instagram...

This week was full of events. My little brother turned 21, we celebrated our friends' debut on House Hunters, and Dave had two shows sell out on Stageit. Here's what it looked like in pictures...

Our week via Instagram // Home is with You

-Gorgeous sunset. Aaaalmost as pretty as the ones in Kansas.
-Breakfast in bed. I'm a lucky girl.
-Dave setting up to play at Potbelly's.
-Our first try at homemade salsa. Not too shabby.
-Loving my classes from The Define School and Hey, Sweet Pea!
-Leftover Noodles and Co. Nothing better.
-Wearing my ring c/o Found in California. Today is the last day to enter!
-After watching everyone else eat (while Dave performed) I was so ready for this sandwich.
-The man, the myth, the legend...Ernie Hart. Ready for his big debut.

To follow along, my Instagram name is mallorieowens. Did you all have as crazy a week as we did?

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  1. Just found your sweet blog - love it. These pictures are too cute. Definitely a new follower!


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