July 12, 2012

If you really knew me...

I got this idea from Jenni, who borrowed it from Kristin, and I couldn't help but give it a try myself...

If you really knew me // Home is with You

*You'd know that the simplest things in life make me the happiest girl in the world. "...when you're four years old, it's cats and dogs that make life worth living. And I kind of think it's maybe not so different now." ~Prozac Nation

*You'd know that I'm a chocoholic. I love it in any way, shape, and form. And I believe in having at least a bite of it after every meal, if you want it...which I usually do.

*You'd know that I'm really shy when I first meet people, especially in groups, but once you get to know me it's a whole different story. I usually peel off in layers though, and I tend to surprise people. A lot.

*You'd know I love getting mail. Cards, notes, boxes of fun things...it doesn't matter. I love sending it too, snail mail should never have gone out of style, in my opinion.

*You'd know that I could eat Mexican food every single meal for the rest of my life and I would still crave it.

*You'd know that I'm adopted. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

*You'd know that without my contacts I am oh so blind. I can't make anything out unless it's so close to me I'm cross-eyed...and even then it's iffy.

*You'd know I loathe waking up early. This Zooey Dechanel quote I pinned describes my feelings exactly.

* You'd know that my family and friends mean everything to me. I'm slow to open up to people, but a life long friend once I do.

*You'd know I love to bake. It's a stress-reliever and just makes me happy. Cooking is a completely different story and we won't go there right now, but baking I adore.

*You'd know that I'm extremely emotional. It's a problem. I cry when I'm happy, sad, frustrated, excited...while watching movies, reading books/blogs, listening to music...the list could go on. Like I said, it's a problem.

*You'd know that my favorite movie is Garden State and my favorite book is The Giver.

*You'd know that I'm a health nut and it takes Dave and I forever to grocery shop because we check all the labels and look things up...yeah, we're those people.

*You'd know that I love pirates and just hearing the "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme song puts the biggest smile on my face.

...whew! I could keep going, but maybe another time. What's something that I would know about you, if I really knew you?


  1. This is amazing. We have a lot in common. :) I looove Garden State and The Giver and I totally cry over blogs, movies, tv shows, etc. on a regular basis. I love this idea.

  2. Love it! My husband and I always say we could have Mexican food all day, everyday. It's just so good!

  3. need review of my daughter paint

  4. OOOH! I lOVE THIS! I'm totally borrowing this and then I'll come give you the link - hehe. Mexican food, shy until you open up, emotional - we are kindred spirits my friend!

  5. How fun reading this Mallorie! What a brilliant idea ;-)! I love pirates too...and adore snail mail! Maybe we should be penpals?! I'm game if you are - e-mail me.

  6. oh wow, you're right, I didn't know a lot of those things about you! Thanks for sharing, I think I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and do this too!

  7. I adora snail mail as well! We need to bring it back!

  8. brillent ; never saw such a beauty of artical . Mallorieowens

  9. Snail mail is the best! I love Christmas time because of all the Christmas cards coming in the mail!

    I am also pretty shy at first but when I get to know people, I don't shut up. 8)

  10. Stopping by from Blog Star!

    I'm also very emotional. I'm famous for crying when I'm really angry. Surprisingly lots of people find that weird. LOL.

  11. I'm a chocoholic, love snail mail, hate mornings, love baking... looks like we have some common interests. I'm visiting via Blog Star.


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