October 11, 2012

A reason why...

It is POURING here in Austin right now and I'm loving it, but I will say that this weather always reminds me why I should never live in the Pacific Northwest...I would never get anything done.

Rainy Day // Home is with You

Days like this I wish I had a laptop so I could curl up in bed and work from there. To me, rainy days are best spent curled up in bed with a good book or on the couch with a favorite movie. This is fine somewhere like Austin where the rain is few and far between, but I don't think that would fly if I lived where it rained all the time.

Anyone else get really unproductive on dark rainy days? Excuse me while I go make myself some coffee and attempt to get things done.

PS~ the winner of the September Group Giveaway is Alyson McMahon! Congrats!


  1. Oh yes, rainy days= most unproductive. I love them though. I could live somewhere it always rained. I think. :)

  2. UGH it is pouring at my office and I want to leave for yoga but I dont have an umbrella and no covered parking hahaha. But you should get a laptop!! When I work from home I always work on the couch or in bed :-)

  3. Yes, rainy days are the best for taking the laptop on the couch! get you one!! And now it's sunny and HUMID!!!

  4. I live in Washington and LOVE the rain. Although it really hasn't been for a few months now. Lately you can feel it's Fall and I'm loving it.

    Have a Wonderful Day!

  5. I like the rain sometimes, on hot days especially. On cold days not so much! I live in Ohio and it is brutal when we have rainy winter days. I like it, but I also love the sunshine!


  6. I wouldn't get anything done either. I am a snuggler and hot chocolate drinker on cold rainy days.

  7. At first this whole Seattle/rain thing was not my thing but now I love it. it's been pretty dry around here actually and it feels SO wrong but thankfully, rain's come back this weekend :)


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