October 30, 2012

From Where I Stand...

Home is with You: From Where I Stand

From where I stand (or sit, in the picture above)...

...cooler weather is finally in Austin!
And I couldn't be happier.

...the storm on the east coast sounds scary,
and I pray all our friends out there stay safe.

...the crockpot is a fun way to cook,
but I'm new and need recipe suggestions!

...I'm surrounded by boxes and packed bins
and it feels surprisingly strange.

...photo sessions can be quite the workout,
but oh so worth it.


  1. Cold, rainy, and windy here on the East Coast....womp womp.

  2. In Georgia it is cold, overcast, and windy!

    Also, this recipe for slow cooker pot roast is awesome!!! it tastes just like if you make it in the oven! yummy for this cooler weather! http://goodenessgracious.com/2010/10/hunk-of-meat-mondays-oh-so-easy-pot-roast-dinner.html

    there are also tons of recipes for crock pot lasagna which are great!

    Joanna @ http://jofindsjoy.blogspot.com/

  3. Sorry to post my link twice, I accidentally put in the wrong URL for the post...duh. I need coffee ASAP. :)

  4. I'm glad that you're enjoying the cool weather, Mal. Let's switch. You and Dave can come here in the winter, and I'll go someplace warm for a change, ok? :-p

    I agree with you. the weather on the east coast sounds scary, and I hope everyone is safe


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