October 9, 2012

Mornings without you...

 \Mornings Without You // Home is with You
Love this quote. So true. 

A few questions for you all on this Tuesday morning:

-I had a few people ask about doing a "From Where I Stand" link-up...if I did, would you all be interested? If so, what day works best for you guys?

-Since I'm new to making my own coffee at home, what is your favorite store-bought coffee? Are there any flavored coffee grinds that don't have artificial flavors?

-I have a few more photo sessions lined up, a bunch of them for Christmas cards, and I was wondering if anyone had things they'd like to donate for the shoots? Maybe you have a shop that makes fun banners or something of the sort that could be used? The pics will be posted on here and you'd get lots of blog love. If so, shoot me an email, let's talk!

-Does anyone else watch New Girl with Zooey Deschanel? This last question is an important one because Dave thinks that I'm just like Jess on that show, haha...and he's right, I am completely a clutzy goof who is so incredibly awkward yet hilarious...once you get to know me.

...ok, that's all for now, I know that's a lot of questions so early in the morning.

PS~ I added the picture above as a print option in the shop! Here.


  1. I am so happy that you are doing photography. The photos you did recently came out wonderful! You go get em' lady!

    Now to the coffee... I have always bought the store brand Kona Coffee. No matter what store it always came out wonderful. But they just opened up a Sprouts in my neighborhood and they have delicious flavors that don't taste funky or fake. Whole Foods grocery also roasts there own beans so they are usually really good. You could also roast your own beans!!! The Coffee Project (http://coffeeproject.com/shop/magento/index.php) offers raw beans and the instructions to make your own. It's absolutely wonderful! It takes patience but it's well worth it. Could you tell that I am a little bit of a coffee fanatic?

    Hope that helps! Looking forward to seeing more of your sessions!

  2. I've been making lattes from home - I use the Italian stovetop espresso maker and then heat & froth milk. I add caramel or vanilla syrup. It's a bit of work but oh-so-good!

  3. From Where I Stand link-up - YES!

    Favorite store-bought coffee: Peet's (you can't get it everywhere, but if you can, try it!)

    I love that you're pursuing your dream...life is too short to do anything less!

  4. the from where I stand link up sounds interesting!


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