October 26, 2012


I prefer to write my letters by hand and physically send them to the ones I love, and I've written on here many times about my love for snail mail, but sometimes you just have to write a virtual letter instead...

Handwritten // Home is with You
Ring: c/o Victory Jewelry // Handmade card: coming to a shop near you ;)

Dear weather,
THANK YOU for finally cooperating! Today it has dropped to the 60's and we're loving it. Today calls for cozy scarves, boots, hot coffee, and blankets. And yes I'm wearing the first scarf in these pictures around the house all day because I'm that excited about it being colder.

Dear sparkly druzy ring (pictured above),
You make letter writing/typing so much more fun. You're pretty and I think I'll keep you.

Dear Halloween,
You are so close and I can't wait! Scary movies, candy, and cute trick-or-treaters I'm ready for you!

Dear photo sessions,
You make my heart swell, I'm so thankful for you all who are entrusting me with taking your pictures. Group hug!

Dear internets,
I have a big announcement for you soon...and no, I'm not pregnant, so don't even go there!

Dear Husband,
This has been a crazy week, but I'm excited to get dressed up for a Halloween party with you tonight!


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  1. Eeeeks! So excited to see y'alls costumes!!!

  2. oh, I assume you're talking about Ruthie's party haha

  3. I'm a letter writer too from way back. There's just something about finding a letter amongst the bills! A treasure. Whatcha gonna be for Halloween?

  4. How fun :) I just love your blog! I've been following you on Instagram for quite a while now but sadly never visited this space! :) Love it and now following you via GFC!




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