April 3, 2012

Family Over Everything.

How can I express the emotions that I (and all of Jayhawk Nation) felt yesterday as we sat on pins and needles waited for tip-off and a shot at another national title? Excited, anxious, proud, humbled...just to name a few...

Family Over Everything // Home is with You
Coach self cutting down the net after we made it to the Final Four

Pure excitement that takes over as "our boys" first step on the floor. Anxiety attacks brought on by last minute wins. Extreme pride that comes each time Withey slams someone's chance at a basket or Robinson breaks away for a dunk. The humbling moment when we realize that there is only one other team left in this tournament and we feel so blessed to be part of it all...

Family Over Everything // Home is with You

"When you care so much it's supposed to hurt" -Bill Self after the game last night. The loss definitely hurt, but we are all still so proud of our Jayhawks. Everyone said this was a rebuilding year for us, so to make it to the championship was beyond amazing.

Family Over Everything // Home is with You

It definitely brought back memories from senior year (in '08) when we took it all...words cannot describe. I still watch the miracle shot by Mario that got us into overtime and get chills. Every time.

Family Over Everything // Home is with You
Mass Street (in Lawrence, KS) after the Final Four win...oh memories.

So thanks for the memories boys, we'll see you next year...

*Sorry I don't have links for photo credits, I found them on google and they didn't have names with them. If you know who these pictures belong to, let me know so I can give proper credit!


  1. My heart broke last night when they didn't win the Championship, although I am still so very proud that they made it to the championship. 2008 was a fabulous year, and I was hoping that this year would be the same - however, there is always next year. Win or lose I will always be a Jayhawk!

  2. I've been there so many times with my teams, it really is heartbreaking to see your team loose in the championship but at least they made it there!


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