April 17, 2012

Online performance!

You all might remember me talking about Dave doing an online performance a few weeks ago...well, it went so well he's going to do another! The last one was so much fun and this one will be even better now that we've figured the site out. Tickets are only .50c (or more if you're willing to give more) and there are 25 available- so get on it! You can buy a ticket here.

Online performance // Home is with You

I love these shows because as much as I love Dave's album (and trust me when I say I love it, I've heard it thousands of times and still can't get enough), my favorite is when he performs live. And I think many others who have seen him live would agree. And while the online show is a bit different, more intimate feel than a typical live show- I think that's pretty cool :) Plus, it gives those of you not in our area a chance to see Dave perform.

Online performance // Home is with You

The other thing I love about these shows is that there is a chat section next to the video. That way you all can request your favorite songs, ask Dave and I questions, and interact with each other. It was a lot of fun last time!

So go grab a spot now! Also, make sure to check out Story of my Life today for a big giveaway from Dave! You don't want to miss it.


  1. love that first picture of Dave. So cool that he is doing online shows! I feel lucky I get to come to real life shows! Any more coming up?

  2. That is such a cool idea: to do an online show! And such a good price, who could refuse?


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