April 12, 2012

The Power of Music.

Maybe it's because I'm extra emotional this week (let's just say I've been eating my weight in chocolate the last few days), but this video made me tear up big time. It's truly amazing what the power of music can do for our emotions and our well being...

...for me, this is what it's all about. All of the sacrifices, moving, crazy schedules, etc. It's all worth it. I know Dave's music has this same power to reach people and it needs to be heard. I've seen the way his music resonates with people in ways they aren't expecting.

Music touches the soul and reaches us in ways that we can't even express. It can change our mood, bring back old memories, and make us tap our feet. What's one of your go-to songs when you need a pick-me-up?


  1. ahhh Mallorie turning me into a basketcase at work! What a moving video... and I love the meaning of this post. We love listening to Dave play (we have the CD on our desktop at home). Music is so great for the soul :) xo

  2. Mike showed me this video the other night! Isn't it just amazing?

  3. A lot of times with our older patients we play familiar music from when they were young. There have been so many times where we couldn't break through to one of them and they completely change once the music starts. They sing, they move, their eyes light up. I've had more than a few sweet old men serenade me with a song they danced to with their late wife or during their service in the war.

    Music is much more powerful than we give it credit for!


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