May 8, 2012

Bring on the rain...

I love the idea of a good rain and how it's as if everything is wiped clean. The morning after a big storm everything is the same and yet, everything's different...


Lately I've been working on waking up early. I've let myself get away with getting out of bed a little later than I'd like the past few months, although many nights I'm up past midnight working on things. I've been trying to change this habit slowly, but I decided that this week I would just do it whether I was tired or not.

Yesterday went perfectly, I woke up early and hopped right out of bed and got to work. Let's just say that today didn't go so well. My alarm went off and I was actually alert (this never happens), but then I looked over at Dave and he looked so peaceful that I couldn't help but to lay my head on his chest and drift back off to sleep. I thought I had reset my alarm, but I thought wrong. Next thing I knew it was 10:30. Dangit.

I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, I'll do better tomorrow. I just hate that it only took until day 2 for me to crack. That's the beauty of it though, tomorrow is another day and we can try again at the things we failed at today.


  1. Ha ha ha, I've been working on the same thing! For awhile things were going great, I was getting up at 7, and the girls would get up at 730. I was aiming for 6 so I could run and shower first, but next thing I knew we were all sleeping until 8/830! How lazy!

  2. It is so impossible to get up early! I don't even have to get up that early, but the thought of rolling out of bed any earlier than 6:45 (YES 6:45!) makes me cringe, especially if an elliptical is involved... so I just don't do it. Ugh, so I feel your pain, completely.

  3. I love the day after it rains. Everything is so fresh, and the air is so much cleaner!

  4. ahh I think even if I had the opportunity to sleep in I couldn't! I wake up at 630a during the week so on the weekends 8am is sleeping in. But I LOVE those mornings waking up next to a peaceful hubby knowing you can stay cuddled in bed! Live for the weekends!

  5. some days you just need rain...

  6. I used to be so bad, then I got into UW and have to drive to Seattle every morning, now 730am is sleeping in for me - how sad is THAT?! haha

  7. I love getting up early, I work so much better first thing in the morning than I do in the afternoon/evening. However, putting it in to practice = totally different matter.
    It doesn't help battling the UK weather (seriously, I think we're giving up on summer this year) and waking up on dark, gloomy mornings.

  8. That always happens to me! I am WIDE AWAKE when the alarm goes off, but then I make the mistake of laying there and before I know it I'm waking up an hour later! I am impressed you did it one day! That's better than me!!


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