May 20, 2012

The week according to instagram...

Our week started out stressful and ended with a wonderful weekend. We're still enjoying every last minute before Dave starts classes again tomorrow. Luckily his summer schedule isn't as intense...

If you're on instagram, find me! I'm mallorieowens on there :)


Above you see:
-Dave playing his online show and me listening in.
-It had been WAY too long since we'd eaten out and especially at one of our fav Austin spots.
-Chef David (pronounced Dahveed) strikes again with brunch burritos.


Above you see:
-Dave working his magic on some stuffed mushrooms (guest recipe post to come).
-Saturday on South Congress.
-Boots, boots, boots...

What have you all been up to this week/weekend? I hope everyone had a great week!


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