May 4, 2012

Friday Links.


Happy Friday loves! I hope you all have a chance to get out and enjoy this weekend...really take a break. I'm hoping to do the same. But, in case you find yourself stuck inside at any point, here are a few articles to read and things to check out...

*For those of you who just started blogging, or those who still need to set up your email so people can respond to you when you leave a comment (please oh please set this up!), check out these awesome blogging tips from my friend Jenni.

*This awesome tutorial on how to "fake Polaroids" from Project Alicia!

*You think you're in good shape until you try to do these ab moves by top Olympic trainers...yeah, not so much. They're fun to try though, and maybe something to work up to?

*I think I need to make Dave some of these DIY sound proofing panels for when he starts recording some new songs soon.

*One of my twitter friends shared this link of 450 free online classes from top universities, I'm definitely going to check some of these out!

...ok, those should keep you busy for awhile! What have you found on the internet lately that you'd love to share?

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  1. I am definitely going to check out the free classes!!! so cool!


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