May 12, 2012

Scenes from the weekend...

Last night Dave and I decided to take a bike trip to Sam's Club for a few things. Because we're ghetto special like that. It looked like it might start pouring on us, but it only sprinkled a bit...and a few sprinkles never hurt anyone. It was a nice little trip and I just love getting out and being active together...


1. Ready to bike...
2. One of our gorgeous views along the way ♥


1. My sexy riding partner...complete with chips popping out of his camo military bag.
2. At this point I was a little nervous about getting back up the hill that was so much fun to go down...


1. The rewards.
2. Dave decided he wanted to play a little Call of Duty, which meant it was time for this on Netflix. One of my favorites!


  1. This looks like an amazing time. So glad I found your blog. I cannot wait to read more about your adventures.



  2. Ya a bike trip to SAMs seems like an oximoron of some kind. I mean it's a store filled with bulk. I'm guessing you only got a couple of things?

  3. Looks like you had a great bike ride! I really feel like going for a bike ride right now :)

  4. Blue Moon is so yummy! And My Best Friends Wedding- classic! Love love love that movie!

    Happy Monday :)

  5. bike rides with my husband is one of my favorite activities to do with him!


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