May 15, 2012


This week is a little crazy since Dave is out of classes for the week and we're preparing to go to Dallas this weekend for him to play some shows. There has been a lot going on and if you follow me on twitter and instagram (what are you waiting for?) then you might have already seen some of these, but I just had to share...


Above you will see:

-The beginnings of a tofu/veggie/rice bowl that Dave threw was amazing, as always.
-My mornings, green tea and taking notes.
-Headed out for a girls night!

-Smart tea.
-The inside of the card I made my Mom for Mother's Day :)
-So much rain here in Austin...I have a love/hate relationship with it.

-A great idea that I had to mix a packet of Papa John's seasoning and a bit of light sour cream...perfect veggie dip, yum!
-Loving my new headphones from Velodyne, can't wait to tell you guys all about them.
-Blogger Happy Hour! I had so much fun with Shanna, Jessica, Brittany, and Jenni :)

What have you all been up to? Anything exciting that I've missed (besides the Bachelorette premier)?


  1. looks like a lot of fun stuff! we've had so much rain here too but my relationship with it is strictly hate lol.
    that margarita looks delicious, glad you had fun with the other bloggers :)

  2. is that a zucchini end? haha...we have been LOVING zucchini and I give the ends to Ernie!

  3. so sad that I had missed the HH but im sure there will be many more to come! that card looks AWESOME sheesh wish I had half of your artistic ability! haha oh and the rain? I'm actually surprised it's rained as much as it has.. I'm sure you've heard last year it was horrrrrribly hot and NO rain at all the whole summer! So I'd call it a love/hate thing as well lol

  4. You guys have been busy! Glad you are enjoying the vPulse!


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