March 13, 2012


Dear // Home is with You

Dear iPhone,
Quit changing "so" to "do" is so a word, got it?

Dear weather,
You're beautiful, please stay forever...

Dear time,
PLEASE slow down! It can't be mid-March already, it just can't. So take it down a notch, K? K!

Dear SXSW,
You're wonderful. I just love watching the live stream videos (last night caught Jay Z live thanks to Shalyn) and looking at the pictures on Instagram. Seriously can't get enough.

Dear Apple,
You have to quit with the new products that I feel like I need. You're killing me here. The new iPad makes my heart skip a beat...I can't stop watching this.

Dear husband,
Thanks for being you.



  1. I'm forwarding your note to my iphone too lol.

    - Sarah

  2. its crazy how this year is passing!

  3. You should definitely check out the Influenster program. Free stuff is always amazing ;) And they do them quite often, too!

    I've also been stalking SXSW updates. Love it.

  4. Uh! Sometimes predicted text is so frustrating and I spend more time correcting my message than if I didn't have word predict at all!


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