March 12, 2012

RedGorilla Music Fest

RedGorilla Music Fest // Home is with You

This Friday the 16th is Dave's show on 6th street for the RedGorilla Music Festival! We could not be more excited. The RedGorilla Fest has shows all up and down 6th street this week during SXSW. They even have artists like Alien Ant Farm performing at one of their venues this week!

So here's where we need your help...

I'm sure many of you (if you're not down here yourself) know at least a few people that are down here for SXSW. We have created a Facebook event for Dave's show on Friday night and it would be a BIG help if you could invite anyone/everyone you know that is in Austin this week!

RedGorilla Music Fest // Dave Owens
You can join the event (and/or invite friends to join) here.

We would really appreciate your help and hope to see some of you down there! If you are interested in coming and don't have Facebook let me know and I will get you the info you need.

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