June 1, 2012



Dear alarm,
If I set you for 8:30, I'd appreciate you going off instead of leaving me to be woken up by Dave at NOON telling me I was just too "out and peaceful to wake up"...PS: iPhone this means we're in a fight, again.

Dear body,
I'm sorry that I've been neglecting you this week with the comfort food and not much yoga. That ends today.

Dear floppy hats,
Why do you have to be so...floppy? I've tried on dozens of you to no avail. There has to be one of you out there just for me!

Dear Husband,
Thank you for all the delicious food you've been cooking us lately, I can't wait to share the recipes with everyone soon.

Dear UPS guy,
I know you don't know me, but you've made me very happy this week. You have brought me lots of fun packages and they always make my day. So thanks for always being on time...sort of.

Dear Friday,
Although I'm happy to see you, how are you here again? Didn't I just enjoy you yesterday? Whew, just trying to keep up with you!


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  1. I have to be faithful to my FedEx guy, I knew him in high school. LOL

  2. gahh my iphone does that to me too all the time!! grrrr!
    & ups is always amzing to me too!

  3. This is great, I need to write a letter to my body with a very long apology!

  4. bahahaha so insane you can sleep til noon!! I am such a morning person, I had been up for 5.5 hours at noon :-) and comfort food...live it up!!!!!!!!!!! (writing this as I eat chips haha)

  5. So glad someone else is fighting with the floppy hats besides me. They look so cute on everyone else, but not me, of course. Happy hat-hunting!

  6. I love your letters! And I'm glad I'm not the only one that fights with my iPhone! (I just read another's letters and she was in love with hers!). Have a great weekend!! And stop by to see what we're up to at...

  7. we have been instagram friends forever and I am not willing to believe this is my first time on your blog. it is adorable. love love LOVE.


  8. I agree with you on the floppy hats! It is such a pain to find the perfect one! Happy Weekend :)


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