June 24, 2012

Our busy week according to my iphone...

Obviously we had another busy week, but that's ok with me right now because the faster Thursday gets here the better! Here's a little of what our week looked like...

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Above you'll see:
-My Daddio and I back in the day...I was so sad not to spend Father's Day with him this year, but I can't wait to get to his lake house for the 4th!
-Getting set up at Spanish Oaks Country Club.
-Pretty flowers at our apartment complex.
-Wine Wednesday.
-The best portobello burger I've ever had. Period. (more on Spanish Oaks coming soon!)
-A good afternoon snack.
-Doing sound check for Dave's online show...how did I get so lucky?


Above you'll see:
-Strange Brew: Lounge Side. I can't wait for Dave to play here on the 6th!
-Sending out some pretties from my shop and lots of Dave's albums.
-Summer, I <3 you. And Dave.
-Was hoping for some pool time this weekend...so far it hasn't happened yet.
-A yummy late night snack thanks to Dave. Flax seed crackers, laughing cow cheese, lemon pepper, tomato, and jalapenos!
-The little buddy I met on my walk.
-My outfit of the day...it was too hot for anything other than a tank and shorts. Also showing off my ring c/o Call of Earth. It is GORGEOUS and handwoven...how cool is that?


  1. Looks like a pretty great weekend! :)

  2. OMG I want those jalepeno cracker looking things! :) haha looks amaaazing. What a fun weekend! Miss u!


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