June 3, 2012

Our week of food and adventures on Instagram...

This week was a fun one, even though it went by way too fast...I'd love it if you'd follow along this week on Instagram! Username mallorieowens...


1. We walked around down on South Congress again.
2. Fresh iced tea with orange and honey...oh yes!
3. Last night was a pizza and beer kinda night :)
4. Driving around in the hills of Austin, it's gorgeous up there!
4. Obsessed with my new earrings c/o Madrona! Not only are they gorgeous, but simple enough for every day wear. I'm in love.


1. Red wine is even better in a little mason jar.
2. Dave playing an online show, there is another tonight! Get your ticket here.
3. Sunshine and music, what more does a girl need? (PS~ today is the LAST day to enter to win a pair of these awesome headphones!)
4. Brunch this morning thanks to Dave. Breakfast tacos- the best.

How was your week? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Looks like a perfect weekend! Have you tried East Side Pies? Their pizza is so good. We ate there when we were visiting a few weeks ago.

  2. SOCO is hands down my favorite place in Austin. Everything is so....Austin! I've been to nearly every restaurant and food trailer there. It's the best way to spend a weekend afternoon!

    -Becca @ Love Always

  3. Looks like a great week! I'll have to try the wine in a mason jar, looks fun! :)


  4. Yayyy for SoCo!!! If y'all keep comin' down here (during the week) you better text me so we can have lunch! :) I work right by the strip next to Docs!! xoxo looks like a FUN weekend!!

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