June 12, 2012

Meet my new friend...

...Mr. plant. I love him. Is that weird? Don't answer that....


...this past weekend Dave and I went out in search for plant to go in the living room. When we got there I spotted a few of these little guys and knew I had to have one for my desk. I had a hard time deciding which one, but finally landed on this guy. I think he's pretty cute.

Not only is it good for you to have plants around the house, but I think it brightens the room a bit too. Now let's just hope I don't kill him...


  1. This is not weird at all. I am totally obsessed with your plant too. Bahaha!

    <3 Daryl
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  2. awwwwwwww i love mr. plant! hahaha it's okay, i have one plant and only one, and i love it so much and I'm pretty sure i've made names for it before too. I'm so proud of this plant cause it's the only one I've never killed...yet hah

  3. He is so cute :)

    I love little plants, even if I can't seem to keep them alive!

  4. I always kill house plants, I'm hopeless!

  5. its not weird. I didnt have any plants in our apartment but was gifted with one and i sort of took to it like its my child, probably because im totally concerned about not looking after it properly!!


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